Which is The Right Floor Machine For You?

Floor Machine Options

Whether you are looking to strip, scrub, polish, burnish, or remove coatings, Diamond Tool Store has the floor machine for you. Our machinesare durable, reliable, and built for all surfaces. We offer standard floor machines ranging from 17”-20” pad diameter. Single and double pads and speeds are available. Floor machines including scrubbers, buffers, vacuum, drivers, brushes, and grinders are all available with a variety of features. The machines cover almost any surface including concrete, marble, granite, terrazzo, and more.

Choosing the right machine

Hard to know what product is best for your job? We here at the Diamond Tool Store know it can be hard to choose the right tool or equipment. Choosing the right floor machine is no exception. Don’t worry our sales rep are trained for this exact situation. For example we offer floormachines for maintenance or cleaning purposes and something completely different for construction or demolition. We would recommend one machine for daily floor maintenance in hospitals, schools, and stores, and a completely different machine for a construction company needing to remove material. Each job is unique with different types of flooring, square footage, tooling, equipment, and function or purpose. Call in today and one our sales rep will help you find the best flooring solution.

Something’s are obvious.

Ok so something’s are obvious. When you are choosing a driver plate or brush options such as the Malish Carpet Shampoo Nylon Brush or the Malish Concrete Prep tool the difference is easily recognized. The Carpet Shampoo Brush is clearly related to cleaning carpet and the Concrete Prep Tool clearly related to concrete. There are clear and obvious difference here that can be explained right in the title and description of product. What about the products that aren’t so easily distinguished? What is the difference between a MK-SDG-7 that cost 678 dollars and a HTC 1500 that cost 197,000 dollars? They both are used to grind a floor but what else? Obviously the price is different, but what are the real differences and what price range is more suitable for your business.

Questions to consider

1.What type of material are you working with?

2.Is the project inside or outside?

3.Is this for maintenance of revamping?

4.What type of finish is your customer looking for?

5.What is the foot traffic?

6.What is the square footage?

7.Does the job require a dust exactor?

8.What is your electrical capacity?

9.What is the current condition of floor?

10. Do you need to seal the floor?

11.Has the floor been sealed before this project?

12.What is your budget or customer’s budget on job?

13.Do you have lippage?

14.Do you have to grind and polish?

15.Type of machine and tooling?

Some fan favorites

We already went over the fact that there are a lot of bases to cover when purchasing a floor machine, but we have included some fan favorites to help simplify some things.


The Green Machine

The Green Machine was chosen for its versatility. The Green Machine is a three-headed planetary machine that can be used for both grinding and polishing. This machine performs heavy duty grinding but the tooling can easily be switched for polishing. The price is another reason why the green machine made the list and is considered the most flexible floor machine. It is priced under $7,000, which is on the cheaper side considering the heavy duty grinding this machine can perform. Grinding, Polishing, and Price gives the Green Machine the ultimate trifecta in floor machines.

2.Power & Innovation


HTC is one of the industry leaders when it comes to floor machines. They are continently innovating and revamping there machines to keep top the industry. The DURATIQ is an amazing new floor machine. This machine is so sophisticated and innovative it comes stocked with over a 100 new features and 54% higher productivity rate. The machine connects to a USB and has a screen or interface that gives you real time measurable about your job. The machine has lights, a cup holder, and a remote for you to control the machine without even touching it. Only HTC Flooring has the innovation to have a remote control floormachine. This DURATIQ machine is the very top of line. If you get excited about your jobs or machines it is hard not to be ecstatic over this floor-grinding machine. It will grind away at almost any surface while creating less dust and more profits. Don’t worry financing options available.

3.Best Value

The Koblenz

The Koblenz makes the list because of its price point and reliability. Often times we recommend the Koblenz over a more expensive floormachine. Customer reviews and years of experience tell us this machine kicks butt. This machine goes head to head with more expensive machines and continues to come out on top. The floor buffer is designed to polish and shine floors. Great for cleaning companies who are performing jobs in schools, hospitals, public buildings, stores, and more.


Diamabrush by Malish

The Diamabrush isn’t a floor machine but an extension of a floor machine. This brush attaches to a floor machine. The Diamabrush makes our list because of its popularity and its effectiveness. The Diamabrush Mastic Coatings Removal Brush is one of the most effective products for coatings removal on the market. Removing material and prepping or grinding concrete the Diamabrush is an excellent choice. Designed to remove stubborn coatings from concrete such as epoxy, tile and carpet adhesives, paint, thin set, and mil coatings. The Diamabrush is not only very effective but portable as well. This diverse tool can fit onto floor machines, auto scrubbers, and buffers. Save money on purchasing an expensive new floor grinder and get the job done using the Diamabrush. The brush is portable, inexpensive, flexible, and most importantly effective.

5.Long Lasting

Pacific FM-17EHD& FM-20EHD-17” and 20” Extreme Heavy-Duty Floor Machines

This is the machine to get for large jobs that requires the machines run all day long. The Pacific FM EHD is great for stock removal and grinding down concrete. This machine was built for the tuff stuff. It was designed for heavy-duty grinding and sanding. This floor grinder is great for demolition companies looking to remove stock and continually run the machine.

6.No Scrub

Pacific S-20 Orbital Scrubber

The Pacific S-20 Orbital Scrubber comes with a 22-gallon capacity and has an adjustable knob for speed control (low, medium, and high). The machine uses technology to delivery a chemical free finish removal. The machine is designed to deliver massive material and labor cost reduction using technology versus traditional stripping methods. A great feature of the Orbital Scrubber is the warranty. Having a good warranty on a floor machine can reduce risk, limit liability, and be of great value. The machine has a 10-year warranty on the tank, a 3-year warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on labor. The machines technology, reduction in material, and warranty compile to make this floor machine one of the best.