Your Granite Guide: How to Cut a Granite Slab

Your Granite Guide: How to Cut a Granite Slab - Diamond Tool Store

Granite is one of the strongest, most resistant materials available. That's why so many homeowners love to use it for their kitchen countertops. But how many of those people know how to cut granite slabs?

It takes a good bit of time and effort to cut granite slabs the right way. However, there are some simple steps you can follow to ensure you are doing it properly.

Read on to view our guide on how to cut granite slabs flawlessly.

Choose the Right Saw

You will either want a rail saw or a bridge saw for cutting large granite slabs.

Most big shops use a bridge saw to cut granite. Meanwhile, smaller businesses tend to have a Blue Ripper Rail Saw.

Once the granite slab is cut down, you can use wet saws, circular saws, and angle grinders.

It's also crucial that these smaller saws have the right blades. If any of these blades appear worn down, it might be time to get a new one.

If you already have a small workshop of your own, you can cut the granite in there. But if you don't, be sure to set up some type of space outside to cut your granite slabs to make for an easier cleanup after you're finished.

Protect Yourself and Prepare the Granite

Be sure to protect yourself from potential health problems that can be caused when cutting granite slabs.

Wear a dust mask, safety goggles, and ear protection.

Prepare the granite by securing it tightly on your work surface. Doing this by connecting C-clamps to the sides of the granite slab.

Then use two or three strips of painter's tape to label the part of the granite you want to cut. It doesn't have to be perfect. The tape is just there to protect the granite's surface and prevent chipping.

Once the tape is placed, measure your cutline. Then double-check your measurements. Label your cutline by using a marker over the tape.

Make Your Back-Cut and Cut the Cutline

Make a small back-cut from the end of the cutline. It should be around two inches long.

The back-cut helps prevent the granite from chipping or even breaking from the saw's vibrations when you are cutting the cutline.

When you cut along the cutline, make sure the blade stays align with the line. It must be precise.

Put light but consistent pressure on the saw. Keep that same light pressure going until you've completed the cut.

Clean Up and Enjoy

Peel the tape you've used from the granite. Once the dust has settled, clean it up with a workshop vacuum.

Admire and enjoy the hard work you've done.

Going Forward With How to Cut Granite

There may seem like there a lot of steps in the granite-cutting process. However, each one is important.

Be sure to follow these instructions if you truly want to know how to cut granite slabs correctly.

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