Package Sale | Blue Ripper Saw, Rails, and Diamond Blades


Introducing the 3hp Blue Ripper Rail Saw, a powerhouse designed to effortlessly cut through 4cm thick stone. With its 1750 RPM 3hp motor, this saw can handle even 2cm "Absolute Black" granite, achieving an incredible speed of 10 ft. per minute. Its user-friendly design eliminates the need for gauge, shims, or offset measurements during setup. Weighing just 79 lbs, it's easily manageable for one person and reduces the risk of damaging delicate materials. Proudly made in the USA, this rail saw boasts technical excellence:

  • Up to 10 FPM cut speed
  • 1730 RPM TEFC Lincoln Induction Motor
  • 3hp power, 220v at 12.4 Amps
  • 14-inch blade with 60mm blade arbor
  • One-hand water disconnect
  • Easy-adjust locking height adjustment

Experience the difference with the 14" Arrayed Pattern Blade, custom-designed for the Blue Ripper Saw. This revolutionary blade pattern ensures uniform diamond exposure to the stone surface, resulting in a smooth cut, reduced chipping, and an impressive 30% longer blade life compared to traditional blades.

For those seeking tailored options, including different rail sizes or blade configurations, feel free to contact us.