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Aardwolf Load Master Slab Trolley

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Slab Carrying Dolly is perfect for job sites where tight turning radius and narrow width are important

Aardwolf Load Master Trolley is a three wheeled long slab carrying trolley with 2 pneumatic rubber wheels 12.8" in diameter and 1 x 5.5" swivel casters. The dolly or trolley is ideal for moving or transporting granite and other types of stone. Offset axle allows caster to share the weight. Body 35.5" x 3.5" with rubber vulcanized to bottom, sides and top of sides of trolley to avoid chipping edges of finished work pieces. Designed to move small drops and cut-to-size pieces. Perfect for job sites where tight turning radius and narrow width are important.


  • 2 Pneumatic rubber tires: 12.8" x 3.5", 1 swivel casters 5.5"
  • Bottom, sides & top edges of channel are rubber padded.
  • Loading capacity: 880 Lbs
  • Weight: 33 Lbs
  • Support plate: 19.7" x 4" wide channel
  • Wheelbase: 13.8"

Package Dimensions: L.33.9" x W.15.4" x H.8.3"
Net Weight: 33.1 LBS.
Gross Weight: 36.4 LBS.

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