Aardwolf Mitre Clamp ideal for fitting and gluing mitered stone and panels | Comes in a set

The Aardwolf Mitre Clamp is a jig used for fitting and gluing mitered panels with an angle of 90 degrees. It features a suction cup that firmly attaches the mitre clamp to the top of the slab. The clamp allows the worker to make fine adjustments for tight and exact seams.


  • Mitre side-up slab with an angle of 90 degrees
  • No flipping, protecting material from breakage
  • No extra assistance required for keeping slabs
  • Automatically squares the mitre
  • Fine-tune, simple and efficient adjustments of mitre clamp
  • Non-marking and non-sliding hold on material in tight places
  • Suction cup for a trusty clamp on materials
  • Aluminum construction with powder-coated finish


Grip range 50 - 250 2 - 9.8
Cup diameter 118 4.6
Net weight 3.9 8.6
Gross weight 4.4 9.7
Packaging dimension 420x230x250 16.5x9x9.8