Aardwolf Transport Frame Mod TF2440PC

Flexibility, handiness and utility are outstanding features of the Transport Frame Mod TF2440PC. The storage, preservation and movement of slab materials in bulky sizes from site to site becomes easier than ever with the transport frame. In addition, the perfect combination of a forklift and a transport frame ensures that the transport process is done in the most secure manner.

  • Frames are delivered with bolts pre-installed.
  • Frames are easily assembled by one man.
  • Frames can be assembled in 5 minutes.
  • Support legs for truck transportation can be lowered in seconds.
  • Large counter lever with wheels make manual moving of loaded frame easy.
  • Two diagonal stays create a very strong, ridged design.
  • Sold with white rubber locking bars, together with ratch straps.
  • Frame designed so that fork tynes reach right through to the far side of the frame.
  • Fully loaded frames can load and unload from truck with forklift. (Very safe & convenient).
  • Built-in forklift receivers on all sides for lifting by forklift.
  • The base and uprights come with replaceable white rubber to prevent marking and scratches.
Option 1: The frames can be hot galvanized finished upon request.

Option 2: The frames will be equipped with the Aluminum Toolbox if the customers request.

The Aluminum Toolbox includes:
  • Heavy Duty 3.0mm Aluminium Checker Plate.
  • Two keys for each lock.
  • Reinforced door bracing structure.
  • Weather Proof Rubber Seal.
  • Fully Tig Welded Seams.
Note: Support legs should always be lowered when a loaded frame is being transported on a truck.


  Metric (mm-kg) Imperial (inch-lb)
Number of Wheels 4 -
Straps With Each Side 4 -
Width of Slab Storage Base Area On Each Side 268 10.6"
Length 2440 96"
Working Load Limit Per Side 1250 2756
Total Working Load Limit 2500 5511
Net Weight 206 454
Gross Weight 212 467
Packaging Dimensions 2450 x 1020 x 420 96.5" x 40.2" x 16.5"
Aardwolf Transport Frames Include:

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