Vacuum Lifter ABVL 1,000 for lifting stone, granite, pavers, block, concrete, and brick over 2,000 pounds!

Aardwolf makes top of the line vacuum lifters for stone, pavers, and concrete. The Aardwolf Block Lifter 1,000kg is a powerful battery operated vacuum device for lifting, moving, handling, and laying stone, pavers, and concrete. What sets the block lifters apart from othe vacuum lifters is its abality to lift porous material. The paver slab lifter is equipped to move concrete, pavers, and other fairly porous material. Robust and compact, the Aardwolf Block Lifter can be suspended on all types of lifting equipment by means of load hooks, chains, cables, forklifts, and more. If you are lifting paving slabs, concrete slabs, or granite slabs, the Vacuum Block LIfter is for you.

Specifications for Vacuum Block Lifter AVBL1000

Weight Load Limit 1,000 kg | 2,204 lbs
Length 800 mm | 2'7"
Width 500 mm | 1'7"
Height 551 mm | 1'9"
Product Weight 95 kg | 209 lbs
Power Source Battery
Material Surface Rough or Smooth


AVBL1000 (1000kg)
Gross weight 116 256

    Features of Granite Vacuum Lifter:

    • The Aardwolf Block Lifter 1000 kg is equipped with two 12v 4A battery operated vacuum pumps.
    • Suction plates slide on and slide off, so plates can be changed in less than one minute.
    • Safety features: Flashing light to warn of low pressure, vacuum gauge, safety vacuum storage tank, acoustic warning device.
    • Pressure switch control system automatically and starts the vacuum pump after start of loss of pressure.
    • Power saving control system allows the battery to last for one working day.
    • Battery charge indicator indicates battery charged level.
    • Manually operated valve for vacuum

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