Vacuum Glass Lifter AVGLP4 is a 4 pad vacuum lifter used to move glass panels over 1,000 pounds!

Pneumatically powered, the Vacuum Glass Lifter AVGLP4 is able to lift glass panels, even panels with a rough surface with a weight of up to 500kg. It features a rugged construction with the added ability to lift and tilt the panel materials.


  • Pneumatic vertical-horizontal tilting from 0 to 90°
  • Stainless steel vacuum tank ensures safety in the event of an unexpected power outage
  • Automactic vacuum pumping if vacuum loss occurs
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system
  • Attach/release material with an ON/OFF slide valve


Number of pads 4 -
Pad diameter Seal to seal: 280 11
Working load limit Vertical: 400 Horizontal: 500 882 1102
Net weight 79 174
Packaging dimension 1480x380x960 58.2x15x37.8