Abaco Little Giant Lifter Automatic is designed to lift and move flat and heavier items like stone slabs at workshops, warehouses, work sites, etc.

- Clamp plates Opening and Closing mechanism is fully automatic. Each time you lift up and lift down, the installed Automatic locking latch will lock and release the clamping mechanism.

- It is suitable for both natural and artificial stones, or other flat materials in various thicknesses ranging.

- The clamp plates are covered by rubber pads to prevent from scratches or damages on the stone slab surfaces during operation and transportation.

- The lifter shall be used by combining with a crane (or with a forklift truck) to clamp, lift and transport stone slabs.

- The lifter comes with a specialized swivel shackle, which makes the lifter and the material to rotate 360 degrees easily.

- The lifter shall ensure safety for users and increase productivity as well.

Abaco Little Giant is also available in a manual edition.