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All Shield WB is a low VOC, waterborne, synthetic modified, silane-siloxane concrete protectant.

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This clear, penetrating, breathable protectant is designed for use on interior and exterior concrete, natural or synthetic stone surfaces – resists oil, water, food stains, and many other liquid contaminants.
All Shield WB penetrates the surface and bonds directly with the substrate, which results in a surface that is highly resistant to moisture, staining, and de-icing salts. 
All Shield WB helps protect concrete and stone surfaces including commercial and industrial floors, vehicle repair and service facilities, pavements, driveways, brick, and concrete pavers, parking structures, bridges, marine platforms etc. against the corrosive effects of de-icing salts, moisture, and weathering.

Features & Benefits

• Dries tack-free and skid-resistant

• Water-based, colorless and non-yellowing

• Low VOC formula; OTC, LADCO, SCAQMD compliant

• Long-lasting protection for new as well as old concrete and stone surfaces

• Reduces water penetration minimizing the effects of freeze-thaw and weathering on concrete structures

• Excellent oil, water, and stain repellent for interior/ exterior surfaces subjected to motor oil, de-icing salts, and other damaging contaminants

Concrete samples were polished with a 400 grit resin diamond pad and All Shield WB was applied per the technical datasheet. The samples were allowed to fully react for a week before testing. Each reagent was applied and allowed to dwell on the treated substrate for 15mins, 1hr, 4hr, and 8hrs. A visual evaluation was performed to determine each agent’s effect on the substrate.

E = Excellent (No Adverse Effects)

G = Good (Limited Adverse Effects)

F = Fair (Moderate Adverse Effects)

P = Poor (Unsatisfactory)


Test performed under laboratory conditions. Field results may vary depending on environmental conditions. After exposure, samples were rinsed with only water and allowed to dry 12 hours before inspection.