Introducing the latest Alpha® Pneumatic Polishing Solution! Alpha® AIR-680UW is a Pneumatic Polisher for use underwater for polishing and grinding.

This tool is a modified version of our best-selling AIR-680 which now has a 27ft vacuum hose to allow underwater polishing on most pool sizes. This high performance, pneumatic polishing tool has a central water-fed distribution system that produces the highest quality finishes. It has a maximum speed of 4,000 RPM, consumes 15 CFM and requires 85 PSI. With a 5/8”-11 spindle, the AIR-680UW is lightweight and ergonomically designed. It is now equipped with 15ft flexible air and water supply hoses and a 30ft air hose as well as oil port for easy maintenance. These new hoses are made of Hybrid Flexible Material and are all-weather flexible down to -40F. The versatile tool can also be used without the vacuum hose for wet polishing.

  • High-Performance, Pneumatic Polisher for Underwater Applications
  • Central Water-Feed System Delivers Ample Water Regardless of Position for Plaster Polishing
  • No-Load RPM- 4,000
  • 15ft. All-Weather Air & Water Hoses with Flexibility Down To -40°F Or +140°F
  • 30ft. All-Weather Air Hose with Flexibility Down To -40°F Or +140°F
  • 27ft. Flexible Exhaust Hose included
  • 7" Flexible Backer Pad included
  • Lightweight and Ergonomically Designed for Better Maneuverability
  • Side and C-Handle are Standard Accessories
  • Enhanced Spindle Shaft for Easy Tool Removal (Wrench Included)
  • One Year Warranty* (*See manual for details)

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Product Details
Specification Data
Model AIR-680UW
Air Pressure 85 PSI (6 Bar)
Air Consumption 15 CFM (425L/min)
No Load Speed 4,000 RPM
Weight 2.64 lbs (1.2 kgs)
Air Inlet 1/4” BSPP
Water Inlet 1/8” BSPP
Spindle 5/8”-11
Equipment Included
Item Quantity
Air Hose Assembly (15ft / 4.5m) 1
Water Hose Assembly (15ft / 4.5m) 1
Side Handle (Reversible) 1
C-Handle 1
Double End Wrench (19mm / 22mm) 1
Screw (w/O-Ring Seal for oil port) 1
Philips Screwdriver (P1) 1
Exhaust Hose with Clamp 1
Flexible Vacuum Hose (27ft / 8.1m) 1
Air Hose Assembly (30ft / 9.0m) 1
Water Quick Connector with Shut-Off Valve 1
Rust Inhibitor Oil (6oz / 200ml) (replace with AIR-008) 1
Rotary Backer Pad 7” (MP758HL) 1


    Question : I feel the Flex Vacuum Hose is too bulky for the application. Can I use AIR-680UW under the water without Flex Vacuum Hose?

    Answer : Yes. However as soon as you stop you polisher underwater, water will try to back wash into the motor so that I highly suggest to use Flexible Vacuum Hose with it. If for any reason, you must use it without Flexible Vacuum Hose, I suggest that you start the polisher in the air then dive with it to complete the task then come back up in the air without stopping the polisher so that air flow is constantly exhausting in one direction that avoid water coming into the polisher.

    Question : How much and how often do I need to put rust inhibitor oil in the oil port?

    Answer : Alpha® suggests to put only a few drops of rust inhibitor oil in the oil port at the end of the shift then slowly turn on the air to lubricate the rotor and cylinder. If you blow compressed air in full, rust inhibitor oil will come out from the exhaust that would defeat the purpose.

    Question : Can I use AIR-680UW for grinding application?

    Answer : Yes. You can use either AIR-680UW for grinding applications if you equip it with the right tooling. Since the rpm is set for polishing, I suggest wet grinding to avoid any overheating problems with your tool.

    Question : What is the warranty on the AIR-680UW?

    Answer : One year warranty (See manual for details)

    Question : How can I get the parts list and schematic for the AIR-680UW?

    Answer : Visit our website at or call at 800-648-7229.

    Question : Can I use AIR-680UW as a dry polisher?

    Answer : Yes you can. Alpha® will release a new Ecoguard G4 at the end of 2020 so we recommend using this new dust guard designed for 4” dry polishing pads along with a HEPA vacuum to make yourself compliant with the OSHA silica rules.

    Question : Does Alpha® offer a pneumatic high-speed angle grinder with center water feed system?

    Answer : We offer the PSC-600 which takes any grinding tool with 7/8” arbor depending on your application. Alpha® also offers the PSG-125 and WBCKIT for high-speed applications for cutting, grinding and profiling with an exterior water feed system.

    Customer Reviews

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    David Robison
    Polisher for aquariums

    Best under water buffer in the market !! I own a custom aquarium business , we polish our acrylic tanks !! This makes it a breeze