Katana - The Ultimate Dry Blade for all Tiles

Alpha Professional Tools® is excited to introduce the Alpha® Katana. This blade is the ultimate dry cutting diamond blade for the professional tile contractor. Engineered to be the only blade you will need for cutting all materials, such as porcelain, granite, marble, engineered stone and glazed ceramic tile. If the job entails cutting porcelain for an entire house, or various materials on one job, attach this blade to your Alpha® Wet Stone Cutter or popular angle grinder. Combine this blade with the Alpha® Ecocutter Dry Tile Cutting System for the ultimate dry cutting dust-free experience! For the best choice in cutting all tile materials, choose Alpha® Katana. As with all dry blades, it may be used wet to minimize dust and extend the life of the tool.

  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry

  • Tile Installer's Choice for Dry Cutting

  • Specially Designed for Hard Porcelain Tile

  • Best Dry Cutting Tile Blade with Minimal Chipping

  • Hybrid Dry Saw Blade for All Tiles

  • Fits on Most Popular High-Speed Angle Grinders

  • Great for Porcelain Paver Tiles

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s) For Use On
DPT478 4" 1.4mm 14,500 7/8", 20mm Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
DPT115 4-1/2" 1.4mm 13,200 7/8", 20mm Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
DPT125 5" 1.4mm 12,200 7/8", 20mm Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
DPT150 6" 1.4mm 10,100 7/8", 20mm Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder