Amigo M2 Stone Router is a machine designed to work with Diamond Router Bits to create countertops shapes or profile edges.

Amigo Stone Routers are high quality stone fabrication equipment. The M2 Granite Router is for creating profiles on granite countertops. The ORIGINAL AMIGO M2 STONE ROUTER is first the light duty router machine on the market to offer. Over the years, we have been producing this machine and improving it based on customer feedback to make it the best, economical router to date.

The Granite Router Machine comes stocked with a 3 horsepower motor with TRUE Variable Speed Control. It's TRUE 0-8500rpm range makes it perfect for polishing as well as cutting & grinding. Made with high quality copper wires, carbon brushes and rotors for the motor, it enables the M2 to work without failure. It has great weight distribution ratio, weighing only 35 pounds, a simple three prong power adapter, and high quality water float base, allows the Amigo M2 to move smoothly and better than others.

The power of the ORIGINAL AMIGO M2 STONE ROUTER will allow you to profile stone up to 3 inches thick, this capability is unrivaled in the fabrication trades.

They say "Imitation is the best form of flattery", but do not be fooled by the fakes. Only the Original M2 Profile Router can provide the consistent performance the industry has come to expect from the Amigo brand of products.

The AMIGO M-2 ROUTER Machine comes with 6 month limited warranty.

Specification on Granite Router:

Voltage Power No Load Rev Speed Max. Stone Thickness Max Bit Diameter Weight
110V 3hp 0-8500 True variable Speed Control 40mm 100mm 35 lbs

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