The BD400 is a portable electric material lifter perfect for lifting and transporting heavy loads

Optional Accessories include Forks, Jib Crane, Glass Cradle, Jib for Windshield Glass Replacement

Super Lifter BD400
The BD400 is a portable electric material lifter which is capable of lifting heavy loads and operating in small spaces. The electric motor lifts loads in seconds, saving on time and manual labor. Sturdy, expanding and rotating wheels make it an easily transportable piece of equipment that can be be adjusted and stabilized on sloping grounds.

High Reaching – Lifting height of 13.5 feet.
Electric Motor -120V electric motor with speed adjustable switch. Manual crank as back up to lowering rails.
Adjustable legs- Use lifter on uneven surfaces and adjacent to walls.
Leveling- Ensures the mast is vertical before operation.
Telescoping Mast - Compact, Strong and Light – made with robust, specially heat treated aluminum.
Manual Controls- if no main power available, use cordless drill or handle to operate lifter.
Setup in 30 seconds - No tools required.
Wheels for Mobility - Fitted with 5” castors for easy transportation and maneuverability.
Fine Positioning- Align load precisely with variable speed controller.

Spec / Model BD400
Lifting Height 415 cm
Basic Height 130 cm
Max. Load Capacity

250 kg, 3 m

250 kg, 4 m

Machine Weight ( without accessories ) 100kg
Package Size 138 x 81 x 88cm


Optional Accessories


PART NO. 3029294

Hook & Jib (Accessory)

Weight: 5.1kg/set

Capacity: 250kg (551lbs)

PART NO. 3029399

Fork (Accessory)

Weight: 8.0kg/set

Capacity: 250kg (551lbs)

PART NO. 3029287

Pipe Cradle (Accessory)

Weight: 9.3kg/set

Capacity: 180 kg (396 lbs)

PART NO. 3027002

2 Vacuum cups Hanging Crane (Accessory)

Weight: 17.7kg/set

Capacity: 90 kg (198 lbs)

PART NO. 3017007

Glass Cradle with 4 vacuum cups (Accessory)

Weight: 23kg/set

Capacity: 180kg (396 lbs)


Maximum Load of 551 lbs only applies to the Forks and Jib crane