Bonastre Xtreme Pad is a diamond abrasive with natural fiber pad designed to remove the toughest soil on non-polished surfaces.

The Blue Xtreme abrasive is for extra cleaning and the Violet Xtreme extra abrasive is for extra cleaning. For use on non-polished concrete, terrazzo, or natural stone.


  • Available in any size
  • Simple process, fewer steps and better results To clean and polish.
  • Spectacular lasting shine.
  • Non-slip shine even in the wet.
  • It even removes acid stains.
  • Does not scratch the ground
  • Only with water
  • Easy to use
  • Eco friendly, no chemicals.
  • Ideal for daily maintenance with scrubber Low cost


Rotary, brightening 300 to 600 m2 under normal conditions of use.

Scrubber (daily maintenance). Large surfaces 30,000- 150,000 m2 depending on the abrasion or porosity of the soil. From 1000 to 50,000 m2. In small or me- dium-sized areas between one and two months.


The BLUE XTREME disc is very abrasive indicated to be used occasionally, to clean concrete floors and decapitate hard plastic floors, in marbles and terrazzo we do not recommend its use.

The RED XTREME disc thanks to its features is faster and more resistant than the Pad 1 Red disc, so we recommend its use in concrete, marble and terrazzo floors in poor condition, hydraulic mosaic etc.