Ceramica Resin for Metal Applications

One-Step Process for Metal Surface Inspection | Dry Use Only


  • Best Pad for Sheet Metal Inspection At Steel Mills
  • Great for Hand Polishing A Small Section To Look for Roll Marks and Dents
  • Perfect for A Quality Control System
  • Convenient Hook & Loop Backing


Alpha® Ceramica Resin is the best hand polishing pad on the market for the sheet metal inspection at the steel mills. Attach Ceramica Resin to your preferred hand pad, using the hook & loop backing, then hand polish a small section of the steel to look for roll marks and dents. The application is so simple but is the back bone of a quality control system for your steel fabrication.

Part No. Size Maximum RPM Type Grit Color
GP50500R 5" 4,000 Hook & Loop 500 Red