Post Drivers

Driving down posts or rods for fences, road signs, crash barriers, tent anchors, or other purposes calls for a tough machine with plenty of power.


Whatever the ground condition or material, whether it’s soft soil or rock-hard asphalt, a CP post driver will drive down your posts in record-breaking time with no effort from you. The sheer force of the blows is impressive.


The T version has the trigger function mounted directly on the driver for short post driving. The RV version is equipped with an On/Off valve mounted at the end of a 2 m long tail hose, for remote operation on long poles. All models can be used handheld. On long poles, the CP post driver is lifted up together with the pole.


Three models, PDR 30, PDR 75 and PDR 95, each designed for specific applications, helps you to find the perfect CP post driver for any driving job. For large-scale jobs, the PDR 75 and PDR 95 are often used together with tractors or cranes, which make it easier to lift and guide the driver.


A choice of adaptors means you can handle a range of different post shapes. The tool can be powered by a hydraulic power pack or connected to a hydraulic outlet on a truck, excavator or loader.

PDR 30

The PDR 30 T is a lightweight highfrequency driver for fast driving of small diameter rod, anchors, fencing, tent stakes, earth connectors, or similar. A built-in trigger handle that activates impact when pressed gives simple, fast driving. The driver accepts standard 2 in (50 mm) rods, and adaptors or bushing inserts are available for rods from 3/4-2 1/2 in (18-65 mm).

PDR 75

The PDR 75 is an all-round driver for post driving, anchoring and fencing, and is equally effective for steel or wood posts. Use the slide-in adaptor system and, within seconds, the driver is ready to handle profiles up to a max. diameter of 3 3/4 in (96 mm).

PDR 95

The PDR 95 is a heavy-duty post driver that has the muscle to drive large posts in the toughest sand or soil conditions. Adaptors are available for most common post sizes up to 6 in (50 mm) diameter. Drive adaptors are designed so that the striking piston hits them directly for maximum driving power.