3-3/8" Cordless Saw Blade for Glass

Wet Cordless Saw Blade for Glass


  • Wet Use Only
  • Ideal for Switch Box Cut-Out and Trimming
  • Perfect for Mirror, Glass and Glass Tile
  • Specially Designed for Cordless Saw
  • Chip-Free Wet Cutting for Glass Tile and Sheet Glass
  • Cordless Saw Blade for Glass


The Alpha® Cordless Saw Blade for glass, is designed for wet cutting of glass with battery powered saws. This blade cuts glass perfectly without chipping. Its smooth continuous rim is well suited for this application. Homeowners and handymen alike will find this blade well suited for use on their battery powered Makita, Panasonic, or Skill Saws. Semi-professional users will love the performance. The blade's construction allows it to achieve superb performance. This Alpha® Cordless Saw Blade enables the end-user to make the most of their battery powered saw.

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s)
BG03AL 3-3/8" 0.9mm 1,500 15mm

Q and A

Question : Which way do I install the blade on my tool?

Answer : The proper blade direction will be found on the sticker label on the blade. Install the blade so that the blade will follow the directional arrows on the label. Another way to check the rotation of the blade is to examine the diamond bond tails in the cutting edge. The bond tail behind each diamond should be pointing the opposite direction of blade rotation. If the blade is installed incorrectly, the bond tails will reverse direction, which may cause some premature wear

Question : What materials can I cut with the Alpha® Cordless Saw Blade for Glass?

Answer : This blade is designed for glass, mirrors, and decorative glass tiles

Question : What brand battery power tools can I use this Alpha® Cordless Saw Blade for Glass?

Answer : Makita, Panasonic or Skil Saws are the tools of choice for this 3-1/8" blade for Tile. These power tools have a refillable water coolant bottle for supplying water to blade during cutting applications.

Question : Can I use this blade for dry application?

Answer : No. Wet cutting diamond blades must be used with water to prevent excessive heat buildup during cutting. Using water on the blade also reduces dust and helps enhance the cutting performance and life. A continuous water flow is critical. Using "wet" blades without water even for a few seconds will cause excessive heat and blade damage.

Question : The speed of my cut is slowing down. What can I do to improve it?

Answer : The diamonds are rounding over or glazing causing the blade to loose its cutting ability. You need to re-dress the blade using a soft abrasive material such as a dressing stone or a concrete block.

Question : What is the maximum RPM which I can use the Alpha® Cordless Saw Blade for Glass?

Answer : This 3-3/8" diameter blade should not exceed 1,500rpms.

Question : What is the arbor size of the Alpha® Cordless Saw Blade for Glass?

Answer : The arbor size of this blade is 15mm.

Question : What is the maximum blade cutting depth of the Alpha® Cordless Saw Blade for Glass?

Answer : The maximum dept of cut using this blade is 53/64".