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Cosentino Valterra Dekton Mastidek Cartridge Glue 215 ML by Tenax

For use with Dekton Valterra.

Mastidek Cartridge Glue for Cosentino Dekton is a new generation bi-component resin used to glue Dekton. Dekton Mastidek Fast Outdoor Cartridge glue has a very high adhesion in a short amount of time which allows for cutting and polishing the assembled parts in a short time...approximately 45-60 minutes. The hardened product is very shiny and is very polishable.

This product is produced in special cartridges with a 2:1 bi-axial quantity 215 ml. The glue and hardener are pre-dosed in the cartridge which, once inserted in the proper gun, with the special mixer fixed on top, allows the correct extrusion and mixing of the product. Requires use of special M200XMR Cartridge Gun. Suitable for outdoors.


All surfaces must be cleaned and free of dust and grease. When applying to a polished or glossy surface it is advised to scrub the surface with sandpaper before gluing. Remove cap and attach the special threaded mixing nozzle. Squeeze out about 6" of product before applying to surface. Clean the nozzle after use, replace the cap and discard the mixing nozzle. Repeat this process at any change of mixer. After usage, clean the nozzle, replace the cap and discard the mixer after. Product will not set below 32°.


The product in the cartridge will last at least 12 months if stored between 65° and 77°. Keep away from sunlight, heat and humidity.


Please read the safety data sheet before use and follow the product instructions.



  • Gel time in bulk at 77º: 2-5 min
  • Tacky free time at 77º: approx. 15 min
  • Working time at 77º: 45-60 min
  • Temp range for use after hardening: -13º to 140º
Typical Technical Data
Viscosity cps 25°C 20 r.p.m.(ASTM D2196) Tixotropic Liquid
Density at 25°C gr/cm 3 1.27
Aspect Colored Liquid
Ratio of use glue/hardener 100+50
Gel time (in bulk) at 25° C in min 2min-5min
Time for handling pieces Approximately 15 min
Working time suggessted at 25°c in min Approx 45-60 min
Minimum reaction temperature +1°C
Minimum temperature of use after hardening -25°C
Maximum temperature of use after hardening +60°C
Shelf life at 25°C for the WA version 12 months
Adhesion Force in MPa at 25°C on DEKTON, diamond cut surface after 1 hour (ASTM D 4541) 11.0
Adhesion Force in MPa at 25°C on DEKTON, diamond cut surface after 30 days (ASTM D 4541) 12.9