The XM35 Jet Clean® LP is a powerful and safe industrial vacuum, easily transportable thanks to the trolley mounted on industrial castor wheels.

 Suction is generated by two powerful By-Pass motors installed under a soundproof metal casing. The professional suction features are incredibly high-performance and far outweigh the vacuum cleaners in its category on the market. In this vacuum, there is a cartridge filter fitted under the filter chamber certified by BIA (Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitssicherheit) in M Class with a 1µ filtration efficiency. Furthermore, thanks to the 40,000 cm2 of filtering surface, large amounts of dust can be vacuumed without clogging the filter, thereby ensuring operator safety. The industrial vacuum of Depureco's single-phase range is equipped with a JetClean® filter cleaning system that cleans the filter using the pressure differential between the inside and the outside of the vacuum. The filter can be cleaned without turning the suction motors off and without disconnecting the suction pipe. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Longopac® system that is used to bag the material directly without any contact between the operator and the vacuumed product.

Features and Benefits

  • Suction Unit: The vacuum is generated by 2 by-pass motors. Each motor is managed by an independent switch, permitting the operator to control the intake performance. The motors are located in a sturdy casing, with an insulating sponge to maintain a low noise level.
  • Filtering Element: The filtration is guaranteed by a sturdy polyester filtering cartridge. The cartridge is made to ensure a large filter surface in a compact space. This way air can pass through when the filter is dirty too. The filter is M Class (BIA | EN 60335-2-69) certified. It stops the particles till 1 micron, preserving the motors and the operator.
  • Jet Clean Filter Cleaning System: The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a new filter cleaning system named JetClean designed by Depureco. Using the difference in pressure outside and inside the vacuum cleaner, the system generates an air jet which by traveling through the cartridge detaches the dust from the filter's surface. It is a fast and efficient way to keep the filter clean during operations, without stopping the vacuuming operations.
  • Longopac The vacuumed material is collected inside a durable plastic bag named Longopac which is 20 mt. long. The bag is rolled up under the filter chamber and is adjustable for every need. The operator, once the bag is full, will seal the bag by closing it above the collected material, which falls automatically inside the bag during the vacuuming operations. The full part of the bag can subsequently be cut off and disposed of, in total safety, without any contact occurring between the operator and the material.
  • Includes Depureco HEPA H14 Cylindrical Cartridge Filter | Class EN 1822-5 | Fits XM35-LP (SKU# P12279.DEP) and Dry Floor Hose Kit For Xm35-Lp (SKU# P12348.DEP).
  • Works with the Depureco Conical Class M Filter | Antistatic Polyester | Fits XM35-LP (Sold Separately)

Product Specifications

Equipment Type Vacuum
Amps 14.4
Capacity Longpac Bag
CFM 224
Dimensions 23" X 21.4" X 54.9" Tall
Dry Weight 99 Lbs
Filter Cleaning Jetclean
Hose 50mm / ~2"
Motor Power Two By-pass, Total 2.2 Hp
Noise Level 72 Dba
Surface Area 5425.01 In²
Vacuum Max 98 Inh2o
Voltage 110 V / 1 Ph / 60 Hz

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