An All-terrain and Portable Multi-function Cart

The Dolly Max is an all-terrain and portable multi-function cart. It was inspired by a shop who liked the Panel Express for sheet goods but also wanted to carry cabinets with the same cart. It is used as a tear-out dolly for demolition, sheet rock dolly, yard cart, mattress cart, moving dolly, furniture dolly, scaffolding dolly, fence dolly, lumber cart, drywall cart and more! Large 12.25" foam filled all terrain flat free tires on the rear, with 5" locking casters on front allow the user to easily cross thresholds, air hoses, yards, and other rough terrain. Easy to transport to the job site!

Spec Sheet

Features and Benefits

Adjustable support posts fitted into a steel wheeled box are the key to the many uses of the Dolly Max. There are 10 vertical and 6 horizontal positions and posts can be used in both axis. Base model dolly includes six 56" posts and two additional posts that double as wheelbarrow handles. Extra posts are available. The 700 lb capacity is expandable to 1000 lbs. with additional casters as an option. The welded steel, powder coated box and posts are made in the USA. The brackets supporting the posts are bolted on from the outside of the dolly making the support for the posts, incredibly strong. The foam maintenance-free tires will never need air or go flat making them perfect for the nail filled construction site. The locking casters make loading/unloading on a slope, easy. When going over grass, the wheelbarrow handles are used to lift the casters off the ground/mud like a wheelbarrow or a rickshaw.

Here is how it makes you more productive. Instead of making 20 trips carrying out the tear out from a counter top job, you make one and all the tear-out is in one place instead of scattered all over the front yard. Putting up a Gazebo in the back yard or back porch, carry the two 250+lb boxes to the spot where you will build and saving yourself 100 trips. Easily move your fencing material to where you need to use it. Carry a pair of pre-hung doors from the truck to the house. Trim a tree and move more of the limbs at one time with more ease

Great for carrying: Boxes, Barrels, Cabinets, Sheet Rock, Plywood, Doors, Windows, Fencing Materials, Carpets, Tables, Pallets, Granite, Marble, Lumber, Bags of Cement, Pipes, Tubing, Posts, or whatever you need!

This incredible dolly can be used in most any industry including fencing, remodeling, roofing, building, cabinet, granite, demolition, scaffolding, lumber, landscaping, moving, tree service, carpet, and masonry. The cart can be used like a wheelbarrow using specialized posts for going over rough or soft terrain like grass. When tearing out cabinets or counter tops it can be used to "carry out the old and bring in the new". This one cart can carry it all, anywhere!

The Dolly Max is ideally suited for the warehouse, job site, home, and more! Cart dimensions: 30"L x 25"W x 13" H, 12.25" foam filled tires, 5" locking casters.

One Dolly - Unlimited uses.

Included wheelbarrow handle increases the functionality of the cart. Includes two additional 56" posts with pins and brackets for quick install and release of the handles. Handles can be used as additional vertical or horizontal posts as well. Locking front casters are standard.

Standard with two front locking casters - two additional casters can be added to increase workload from 700lbs to 1000lbs to move even the heaviest loads!

Large 12.25" flat-free foam filled tires make crossing obstacles a breeze!