The DX-250 PLUS Laser&Level is a tile saw with a mobile head, equipped with a plunge effect to give professionals great versatility in cuts

Thanks to its 2 HP motor, the DX-250 PLUS is ideal for cutting all types of ceramic tiles and building materials such as marble, granite, bricks, facing, refractories, etc.

The DX-250 PLUS has a motor assembly, mounted on sliding bearings, offering maximum precision and reliability that helps to obtain perfect finishes.

The aluminum structure of the DX-250 PLUS Laser&Level by RUBI is lighter and offers high resistance to normal working conditions in construction.

Thanks to the protector that includes the cutting head, the DX-250 PLUS tile saws can hold blades of all types; continuous rim, turbo, segmented, etc.

The DX-250 PLUS work with 10 in. diameter blades included.

The system of retractable legs offers extra protection during transport and storage of the tile saw. And its built-in wheels facilitate handling and movement over short distances at the same site.

Maintenance of the DX-250 PLUS tile saws is minimal, thanks to the aluminium chassis, and daily cleaning is very practical and easy due to their removable tables and trays.

The DX-250 PLUS Laser&Level includes a 2 mW power laser tracer (Class 2) that facilitates cutting visibility and positioning, as well as a spirit level system for installing the tile saws at the work site.

Available in two models: 1000 and 1400, with cutting lengths of 44 and 59-3/4 in. respectively.

In designing all RUBI products, the RUBI RDI team, consisting of engineers and professionals from around the world, has been vital. The fact that we receive information from many parts of the world gives us the opportunity to have a global view of the business and the needs of professionals to design tools adapted to each market.

Main Features

  • Equipped with protective head for safety in the use of segmented blades.
  • High performance plunge effect. Maximum cutting height.
  • Motor assembly mounted on sliding bearings for maximum precision and reliability. Perfect finishes.
  • Aluminium structure. Lighter cutter with maximum resistance to working conditions.
  • Equipped with ZERO DUST system. Tested and certified by TNO.
  • Aluminium structure. Lighter cutter with maximum resistance to hard working conditions.


  • For all types of ceramic tiles and building materials like; Marble, Granite, Facade bricks, Fireproof bricks, etc...


  • Adjustable mobile head with plunge effect capability.
  • Blade cooling by water pump with regulating tap
  • Diamond blade Ø10" (250mm) not included.
  • With thermal and overload security switches.
  • It comes with the new ZERO DUST system mounted, as well as a second set of standard splash skirt.
  • Aluminium working surface removable for easy cleaning.
  • Equipped as standard with laser tracer for a better cutting precision and spirit level to facilitate the correct installation of the cutter.
  • With lateral stop for repetitive cuts.
  • Retractile legs with "shield" function and wheels for transportation.
  • Removable water tank system.
  • With a stop for repetitive cuts.
  • Machine supplied without cable (remember to include the cable in your order)