Ecoguard Type M (Spark Buster) is a high-speed angle grinder solution for metal cutting

Introducing the Ecoguard Type M a.k.a. Spark Buster for making it possible to utilize a high-speed angle grinder for metal cutting applications. When equipped with a Carbide-tipped blade, the Ecoguard Type M eliminates the dangerous kick-back on hand-held grinders as well as minimizes sparks, debris and odor. This new system cuts angle iron, c-channel, conduit, schedule 40, spiral duct, galvanized roofing, metal studs, rebar, stainless steel, aluminum plates and bars, steel plates, threaded rods and unistrut. Perfect for all your metal cutting needs!

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s) Shape Description
ECOGRDSB 5" Ecoguard Type M (Spark Buster)
TCT4530 4-1/2" 1.6mm 13,000 7/8" 30 Teeth Carbide Blade - Steel
TCT5030 5" 1.6mm 9,600 7/8" 30 Teeth Carbide Blade - Steel
ECOM45KIT 4-1/2" 1.6mm 13,000 7/8" Ecoguard M/Carbite 4-1/2" Blade Kit
ECOM50KIT 5" 1.6mm 9,600 7/8" Ecoguard M/Carbite 5" Blade Kit
  • Designed for Collecting Debris When Using A Variable-Speed Angle Grinder
  • Eliminates The Dangerous Kick-Back On Hand-Held Grinders As Well As Minimizes Sparks, Debris and Odor
  • Ecoguard M Accepts Up To 5" Diameter Blades
  • Rugged Construction for Heavy-Duty Applications
  • Recommended for EX Zones
  • Clear Cover for Better Visibility
  • Easy Installation and Blade Changes
  • Fits On Selected 4-1/2", 5" and 6" Variable-Speed Angle Grinders
  • Straight Precise Cuts
  • 4" Blade Specially Designed for Aluminum Back Gouging
  • 4" Blade Has A Heavier Plate To Withstand the Rigors of Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting
  • NOTE: For Safety Reasons, the CarBite Blades Require the Ecoguard M