The Eddy Orbital Sander 3000 is high performance tool for dust free wooden floor sanding jobs

The tool has a compact design with an integrated dust collection system and an aluminum base, light enough for transportation, and comes with two removable molded weights to improve the sanding efficiency. It is equipped with an adjustable handle. It also has a high performance fireproof vacuum bag and dust control skirt that reduces the dust-fall dramatically. The square sanding base (12 x 18 in) allows sanding of all corners of the surface.

Equipped with a carpet of sandblasting with different levels of abrasive, the orbital sander allows you to perform a precise and far-reaching job

Currently the market's best performing sander. With a powerful 3450 RPM motor.

▪ No dust-fall
▪ Fully mounted on rubber
▪ Sanding pad offering several

degrees of abrasion
▪ Automatic stop handle
▪ Greater sanding surface than

any other on the market
▪ High-performance vacuum bag

▪ Aluminum housing and removable moulded weights

▪ Total weight: 122 lbs
▪ Main body: 76 lbs
▪ Total of the 2 weights: 38 lbs ▪ Removable handle: 8 lbs