Stone Cutter by Alpha Tools

Alpha has re-designed the popular AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter, which had changed the way we cut out sink holes using a manual cutting application. The ESC-125 was created based upon the feedback from fabricators in preparation for the new silica rule change by OSHA in 2017. The AWS-125 will be discontinued as soon as the current stock is depleted with the future orders being replaced with the ESC-125. OSHA is now enforcing the regulation to reduce the silica airborne particles, by cutting with water, to keep the dust down on the floor or to cut with a dust suction system with a HEPA vacuum connected. For the dry dust removal via the vacuum, we added a Dust Cover on the side of the blade guard to redirect the dust from the cutting edge into an attached vacuum. For example, when connected to the HEPA vacuum, the ESC-125 can be used dry at the jobsite to trim the edges of countertops without creating a lot of dust. The ESC-125 is equipped with a newly designed Aluminum Manifold System that delivers sufficient water jet to cool the cutting edge as well as removes the slurry from the cutting line ahead of the stone cutter. Since water is shooting from the back of the stone cutter towards the cutting edge, ample water is provided for any size and kind of blade applicable for the ESC-125. Along with the aluminum manifold system, Alpha® upgraded the water hose to a Hybrid Kink/Memory-Free Water Hose that comes with a quick disconnect garden hose adapter. The new water feed system delivers ample volume without interruption and allows for an easy disconnect of the garden hose when needed. The included EasyOn-EasyOff Sleeve bundles the up power cord and water hose to minimize the drag while cutting a long distance on the table. It is easy to open one end of sleeve then wrap the power cord and water hose little by little to the other end. Alpha® also changed the way to adjust the cutting depth by moving the height adjustment arm to the side of blade guard, so the adjustment is made by the Clamping Lever. The new Clamping System ensures cutting with stability, whether doing a step cut 3cm sink hole cut-out or making a groove for the reinforcement rod with much smaller diameter blades. The improved powerful motor outputs sufficient power to cut 3cm thick granite, quartz surfaces, marble, limestone, concrete and sintered slabs using a standard 110V - 15 amp circuit.

Specification Data
Model ESC-125 / ESC-225
Rating 110/220 Volts
Amperage 11.2A / 5.5A
Power 1200W
No Load Speed (min-1) 12,000 RPM
Weight 8.9 lbs (4.0 kgs)
Arbor 7/8" (22.23mm)
Cutting Disc Diameter 5" (125mm)
Max. Cutting Depth 1-5/8" (41mm)
Cord 15ft (4.5m) Single Phase
Plug Type A (110V) / C (220V)

Equipment Included:
Item Quantity
Dust Cover 1
Knob Bolt 3
TT Ruler Guide (Reversible) 1
Water Hose Assembly (15ft / 4.5m) 1
Quick Connect Adapter 1
Side Handle 1
Screw (M6x30-Left) 1
Flange 3 1
Carbon Brush Set 1
T-Handle Wrench 1
Open End Wrench (22mm) 1
Self-Stick Felt Strip Set 1
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter 1
Easy On-Easy Off Sleeve 1
SS Flat Head Screw (M4x10) 3
Water Valve Assembly

**Orders from California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio and Washington will be charged with sales tax.

Customer Reviews

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Tomas Licenik
Great tool

I'm DIY guy, currently installing granite countertops in my house and this saw made cutting the prefab countertops very easy. I love the versatile fence guide, it can be put on either side of the saw and upside or down. The best part is the dust hood. I am cutting it in garage so I'm using the dust hood and a vacuum. Have not tried using water yet. It looks to be built like a tank, even the voter connector is solid, no plastic.


I mainly use the tool for removing of grout. I equipped a 1/4 in blade for the tile i service. Cuts Fast without getting caught or kickback. only tough thing is with the water flowing it is somewhat difficult to see where you are about to cut as the blade pushes the water into your cutting path. with the dirty water it is hard to see. Currently getting a shopvac setup to try and remove the water and grout waste during cutting to try to speed up the clean-up process. Been using the same blade now for a year and no slowing down seen. Purchased through amazon.


Got the job done