Fab King CNC
Automation is supposed to make processes easier but in the stone industries it has transformed some fabrication shops into either a streamlined manufacturing facility or an expensive and frustrating endeavor. The difference in the two outcomes usually is determined by the ability of the operators to quickly program and run the automated equipment and/or the dependability of the equipment. Therefore, our first thought process in designing the Fab King CNC is to make it as easy as possible to operate and repair.

The Fab King CNC is designed to allow the operator to fabricate without extensive CAD/CAM knowledge. Once the sinks or shapes are saved into the computer, the operator only has to start the process using a mouse click on the laptop and not have to generate tool paths and pod locations. We think that we have created one of the easiest to use CNC machines in the stone industry using the most durable equipment available.

Single phase electrical.
Servo motor operation (Not stepper motors).
Servos can be disengaged to allow for manual operation.
One pass sink cutout using 15mm cnc fingerbit.
Dust free operation
1 year manufactures warranty on mechanical and electrical.
Rugged construction
Made in the USA