The electrically operated remote control enables the ability to turn 90 degrees effortlessly.

The vacuum pads are designed for easy adjustments, ensuring a secure grip. A pressure control system is in place to automatically activate the vacuum pump when the pressure drops below the allowed limit. Powered by an Australian Standard AS4991-2004 battery, this system ensures reliable operation. For enhanced safety, an audio/visual safety system is integrated. It is seamlessly connected to a forklift through a safe chain system, allowing for efficient and secure lifting. This versatile lifting solution proves to be cost-effective, surpassing the limitations of magnets and outperforming clamps or slings, ultimately boosting productivity.

Features & Specifications
  Metric (mm-kg) Imperial (inch-lb)
Length-width of sheet material 3000 - 2000 118" - 79"
Pad sizes Pad 300
Pad 520x320
Working load limit Vertical: 760
Horizontal: 1000
Net weight 275 606
Gross weight 360 1200
Packaging dimensions 2140x1650x580 84.3"x65"x22.8"
  • Battery information for the device
Power supply 12V-100A battery
Charging requirements 12V-20A
Standby time >100 hours
Charging cycle 1000 times
Charging time 5 hours
Non-stop working time 3 hours
6-month warranty  
  • Motor information for the device
Vacuum flow rate 55.8 liters/minute
Motor 12V DC-12.8A