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High Tack Construction Adhesive is an AST-polymer-based adhesive that provides permanent bonds between similar and dissimilar substrates. Heavy building materials can be bonded with this product without clamps and/or fixing tape.

Features & Benefits

  • Creates a fast initial bond between substrates. 
  • Contains no hazardous chemical matters such as isocyanate, solvent, acids and halogens.
  • Has the ability to dry fast. 
  • Can be applied to many porous and non-porous substrates. 
  • Ensures a permanent elasticity and waterproofness. 
  • Doesn’t shrink and discolor.
  • Has a very low VOC content and excellent UV resistance. 
  • Over-paintable.

Application Areas

  • Stone, concrete, mirrors, glass, plasterboard. 
  • PU, PVC, polyester, plastics, enamel, ceramic. 
  • Copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, metals, R.V.S. 
  • Wood, HPL and cement fiber panels.
  • Wall cladding components and ceiling elements.
  • Mineral wool, wood-wool cement & plastic foams.
  • Thermal isolation panels.
  • Complete construction elements.


   Compatible Material: Ceramic, metal, outdoors, plastic, stone

   Color: White

   Weight: 9.8 Fl Oz

   Material: Adhesive & Glues

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