The Drywall Dolly is versatile for moving drywall, sheet rock, paneling, wall board, peg board, granite, stone slabs, masonite and more.  All Dry Wall Carts

Jescraft Drywall Cart features 11-gauge steel deck and formed structural struts for extreme durability. The sheetrock cart has a tilted steel deck ensures load retention. 

Drywall Cart Features

  • 11 Gauge Steel Deck
  • 8" Mold on Rubber Casters (Standard)
  • Structural struts for extreme durability
  • Various Caster Configurations Available
  • Available with EZ-Glide Plates
  • 3,000 Lb. Load Capacity

Common Uses Drywall Carts

  • Transporting drywall, sheetrock, wallboard, & granite
  • Transporting of sheets, panels, & plywood