MK-62GSPV Segmented Rim Wet Granite Cutting Blades (Professional)

Diameter Width Arbor Part #
14" (356mm) .125" 1" 154591
20" (508mm) .142" 1" 155902
24" (610mm) .187" 1" 160326
Segment Height 10mm

Silent Core diamond blades have a specialized core that reduces vibration and noise. Instead of the standard high-pitched whine, Silent Core blades are significantly quieter. This is beneficial on job-sites where controlling the cutting noise level is an issue, and a quieter blade reduces the chance of hearing loss for the operator. The The MK-62GSPV has a epoxy filled laser cut core that provides noise reduction/suppression.

Additional blade diameters and special arbors available upon request. Stock arbors can be bushed to smaller sizes; please specify at time of order.