Concrete Cutter

The MK- APC/H Handheld Air Powered Chop Saw is portable with a non-slip belt designed to improve power transfer. The Demo Saw or Chop Saw has the benefits of an air motor with no performance loss when compared to conventionally powered competitors. This Concrete Cutter can be used in the same way as a conventional gas high speed saw, but without having to worry about exhaust fumes. Cuts up to 5-inches deep. The weight of the chop saw is precisely balanced for the operator in order to eliminate rocking of saw during cutting. This saw also has a built "at rest" stand. The adjustable guard will swing 90 degrees allowing a range cutting angles. This saw is ideal for concrete pile cutting, demolition and pipe cutting at below grade. An easy to read oiler is included for quick check of fluid levels by the operator. Built-in water hose adaptor allows for either wet or dry cutting.

Air Requirement 85 cfm of air at 80 psi
Blade Capacity 14"
Depth of Cut (14" Blade) 5"
L x W x H 37" x 9.5 x 19"
Weight 24lbs
Part # 167989