Dust Shroud engineered to control dust during concrete grinding operations

The MK-IXL concrete grinder shroud has been engineered to control dust during concrete grinding operations. The shroud's snail shape design utilizes the air velocity created by the rotating grinding wheel to efficiently channel dust particles away from the work surface and into the vacuum port.

This technology results in less airborne dust, less cleanup and improved grinding efficiency. Designed to fit most popular 7" and 9" grinders, the IXL can be used with cup wheels up to 7" in diameter. When used with a vacuum, the shroud helps to reduce cleanup time, provide better visibility and increase productivity. This shroud is specifically designed for cleaning, leveling spots, removing epoxies, urethanes, paint and other coatings, smoothing out uneven surfaces on floors and cleaning glues and mastics after removal of floor coverings.

  • Developed for heavy-duty use by contractors for grinding concrete, masonry, and mortar
  • Dust control reduces clean up time
  • Made from an "abrasive resistant" plastic to prevent wear from the grinding process
  • Attaches to any traditional shop vacuum or commercial vacuum system
  • Easy to install, no tools are required
  • Fits Milwaukee, Dewalt, Metabo, Hitachi, Makita, and Bosch 15 amp grinders
  • Each individual shroud includes cup wheel washer, shroud clamp, cup nut assembly and IXL shroud spacers (set of 5)

The MK-IXL Shroud is easy to install, no tools are required, and is designed to fit 7" and 9",15 amp grinders - Milwaukee, Dewalt, Metabo, Hitachi, Makita, and Bosch.

Pending OSHA standards are mandating worker protection from harmful air-borne particles created from drywall sanding and diamond tool grinding of concrete, masonry and stone materials. The dust from these materials is tied to lung cancer, silicosis and other serious maladies. In some areas right now, contractors are not allowed on the job without having a dust-containment system

Description Part #
IXL Full Shroud 166037
IXL Full Shroud Kit (includes 7" 304CG1 cup wheel) 167127
IXL Full Shroud Master Pack (5 units) 167129
IXL Hinged Shroud 166964
IXL Hinged Shroud Kit (includes 7" 304CG1 cup wheel) 167128
IXL Hinged Shroud Master Pack (5 units) 167130