Monster 1 (M1) is a 5 Axis CNC Saw for cutting stone, granite, marble, and much more. Great for increasing production and reducing labor.

The Monster 2 CNC Granite Machine is also available with a slightly larger axis height and automatic tool change system.

Assistance to the Equipment free for 2 years Free Access to the App d2 Info-system -

Total Warranty for 1 Year

CNC 5 AXIS Model MONSTER 1 - STANDARD EQUIPMENT Monolith structure made in Carbon steel with Zinc treatment with 10 years Warranty 5 Axis Head ADVANCED with Electro spindle with 16kw - 1/2 Gas connection Internal water on the spindle for tool cooling Roll Linear guides for the movement of the X, Y , Z Axis Hight Precision Screw Ball for the Z Axis Bridge with Gantry System ( 2 Synchronized motors on the Y Axis ) Servomotors with absolute encoder Automatic Lubrication End points with fail detection on the lubrication system Gear Boxs ZERO BACKLASH Hight Precision pignion racks Electric box with refrigeration and filtration Work table with wood ( working dimensions 3800 x2500 )

Z Axis Stroke 400 mm X Axis Stroke 4000mm Y Axis Stroke 3000 mm Rotation A Axis 0 -90o Rotation C Axis + 380 - 380 Axis Max speed X, Y, Z até 60 mt/Min CNC control up to 6 Axis Operative System Windows 10 Screen Multitouch 21" Hight Resolution IRIS WOS 4.0 - Work Operative System PC Industrial with Processador I5 Water Fault switch system Air Fault switch system


10 Years warranty no Rust Certificate CE


•Monobloc structure

•Z Axis Stroke 400mm

•Table Size 3800mm x 2500mm

•Spindle 22 HP Thread 1/2 " - 6000RPM. X Axis Stroke 4000 mm

•Y Axis Stroke 3000 mm. Automatic Grease system

•Linear Rails and Pinion Rack

•Y Motion in Gantry System

•A Axis stroke 0 - 90 º. C Axis Stroke + 360 - 360 º

• Head Lifters " Cut & Go "

•Front Doors with Safety Glass. Windows 10 OS. Touch Screen 22" Multi- touch

•WOS 4.0. Manual Space Control. Work table with wood (working dimensions 3800 x2500)

•Photo Camera with 18MP with Stand for Nesting CAD/CAM

•Height Precision Tool probe (stand-alone)

•Height Precision Probe for Material Thickness Built in the Cutting Head

•Tilting Table for 3000kg Capacity with 18mm Plywood

•Keyboard and Mouse Aluminum Support Structure

•Smart Eye

•Laser Alignment


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