The 8000 propane, ride-on scraper offers speed, power, and precision thanks to National's patented carbide angle-shank technology and dual-lift hydraulic slide plates.

Consistent torque sets the operational standard for high removal rates, and each machine undergoes a rigorous quality assurance program including emissions certification.

Width: 30"

Height: 65.5"

Length: 63"

Weight: 2,842 lb

Removable Weight: 958 lb front, 75 lb rear

Weight (machine only): 1,809 lb

Speed: up to 200 ft/min

HP: 25

National Flooring Equipment stands behind its products with a one-year warranty. We will replace or repair any product or part necessary at our Minneapolis, MN facility or at a National-designated certified warranty location. Our warranty includes the cost of freight expenses on qualified repair.

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