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OSHA Rebar Cap

by OCM
  • Safety Orange Color made from engineered high impact plastic.
  • 4” X 4” Square Design with internal metal insert.
  • REBARCAP-38OSHA fits rebar sizes #3 - #8.
  • Packed in boxes of 100 pcs per box.
  • Please see our Installation/Specification Sheet.
  1. OCM OSHA Rebar Caps are to be inspected before each use for damage. Damaged units should not be used.
  2. There should be no damage to the cap or the fins that contact the exposed rebar ends. If damage such as general cracking or damaged fins is observed please discard the cap. If the fins inside are damaged it will cause the cap to not fit tightly on the end of the protruding rebar and therefore will affect the ability of this cap to function properly. This could cause serious injury or impalement if a damaged cap is used.
  3. Place the OCM OSHA Rebar Cap firmly on to the end of the protruding rebar.
  4. Push firmly until the OCM OSHA Rebar Cap's internal metal insert comes into contact with the end of the protruding rebar.
  5. OCM OSHA Rebar Cap must be centered vertically on protruding rebar end in order to secure a tight fit.
  6. Please check that the cap is secured properly on the rebar such that the top surface of the cap is set in a perpendicular manner to the vertical exposed rebar end.
OCM Part No. Size Carton Qty Weight per pcs lbs
REBARCAP-38OSHA #3 - #8 100 0.50
REBARCAP-912OSHA #9 - #12 100 0.50