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Omega Diamond Q-Jig

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Omega Q Jig

Designed to act as a specialized "speed square" for granite countertop fabrication, the QJig™ Stone Square helps not only lay out perfect inside mitered corner seams, also known as a quirk miter, keystone cut, mitered joint, and many other names. However this simple tool has a plethora of ancillary functions.

This amazing tool will decrease your fabrication time, especially if you are using pre-fabricated countertops with the standard 4cm (1½ inch) full bullnose edge - if used to its full potential.

We engineered this tool to place the angle of the miter right where the bullnose and the top flat meet. This saves both time and stone, as well as providing the cleanest look. Time is saved because you don't have to grind or cut as much, and stone is saved because you are only taking off the curvature of the bullnose - not several inches of slab along with it.

Using for maximum potential

Beyond the primary use as a marking guide for perfectly square inside corner miter seams, the QJig™ Stone Square can be used for many other common tasks:

  • Marking inside and outside corner radii
  • Marking long 45° cuts
  • Marking quick sink layouts and offsets
  • And many, many more uses you will find as you use the tool!

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