ORBIPAD products are ideal for surface cleaning and hard floor maintenance. It is ideal for microporous surfaces such as ceramics, marble, stoneware, concrete, painted epoxy floors, self-leveling resin floors, wood plastics, walls, etc.

They exist in several formats for manual applications (sponges), with a mop for cleaning edges and corners and in disc format to be used with rotary or scrubbing machines, and also with orbital machines (vibrating head machines). · For rotary and scrubbing machines · Add a minimum amount of water during the process. · A small percentage of alkaline or degreasing products can be added to achieve even more spectacular results

Any surface that can be cleaned with water

Water only and eco friendly

Soft Orbipads

Use on smooth floors with lightweight equip-
ment. Higher cleaning properties.

100% compressed melamine
Medium Orbipads
Patented, higher melamine density to improve
durability. Best balance between durability and
cleaning properties.

UOP: 5 pads per case. Additional sizes available upon request.
All prices in USD.
Any surface that can be cleaned with water

PAD HOLDER FOR 5.9” x 2.9” PADS $2.85 $4.85 $4.12
Hard Orbipads
Patented, most durable, melamine. Highest
density to improve durability to the max.