Easily convert a crane or hoist to an aerial-like fork truck. These Pallet Lifters are designed to assist during construction work, ship loading, unpaved storage areas, open-top trucks and even barges.

This solid steel construction lifters contains tapered forks to allow easy access under pallets. Main support contains handles to allow personnel to handle the unit. Large square head acts as a counterweight to keep the unit level without a load. Unit meets ASME B30.20 Standard 1993. Painted Finish.

  • Tapered forks allow easy access under pallets
  • Main support contains handles to allow positioning
  • Large square head serves as a counterweight to keep level without a load
  • Unit meets ASME B30.20 standard 1993

Optional Tie Down Track for HDP's - Factory Installed Option Only
Give your products more security with the addition of the optional tie down track. The track is constructed of steel and includes six slots, allowing the user to position the (included) strap at varying heights. The design minimizes set up time, while increasing user safety. With the track welded to the vertical post of the pallet lifter, straps can then be quickly secured to the track and around many products.

All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Pallet Lifters
Model Fork
Fork Width
Fork size
HDP-2-36 36" 25" 2"x2" 3"x5" 2,000 436
HDP-2-42 42" 25" 2"x2" 3"x5" 2,000 470
HDP-2-48 48" 25" 2"x2" 3"x5" 2,000 474
HDP-4-36 36" 25" 4"x2" 3"x5" 4,000 629
HDP-4-42 42" 25" 4"x2" 3"x5" 4,000 658
HDP-4-48 48" 25" 4"x2" 3"x5" 4,000 693
HDP-6-42 42" 25" 6"x2" 4"x7" 6,000 675
HDP-6-48 48" 25" 6"x2" 4"x7" 6,000 744
HDP-6-54 54" 25" 6"x2" 4"x7" 6,000 1006