Get the look of a traditional bench at an economic price. Made entirely of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Sustainability, quality, and comfort are combined in a maintenance free bench. It will never need scraping, staining, painting, or storage and stands up to the harshest weather Mother Nature can dish out. Permanent installation hardware and message engraving on back board is also available. Contact factory for details.

  • Robust construction for convenient daily use
  • Lightweight for maneuvering to precise positioning
  • Ergonomic backboard for sustained posture
  • Sized for multiple person seating
All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Park Benches - Recycled Plastic
Model Color Overall Size
Cambridge Backed Bench with Arms
BEN-PCBA-48-BKBK Black/Black 26-3/4"x48"x30-1/4" 79
BEN-PCBA-48-BKBN Black/Brown 26-3/4"x48"x30-1/4" 79
BEN-PCBA-48-BKCD Black/Cedar 26-3/4"x48"x30-1/4" 79
BEN-PCBA-48-BKCH Black/Charcoal 26-3/4"x48"x30-1/4" 79
Deluxe Backed Bench
BEN-PDB2-72-BKBK Black/Black 26-1/8"x72"x32-1/4" 131
BEN-PDB2-72-BKBN Black/Brown 26-1/8"x72"x32-1/4" 131
BEN-PDB2-72-BKCD Black/Cedar 26-1/8"x72"x32-1/4" 131
BEN-PDB2-72-BKCH Black/Charcoal 26-1/8"x72"x32-1/4" 131
Econ Backed Bench
BEN-PECB-48-BKBK Black/Black 26-1/4"x48"x32-1/4" 72
BEN-PECB-48-BKBN Black/Brown 26-1/4"x48"x32-1/4" 72
BEN-PECB-48-BKCD Black/Cedar 26-1/4"x48"x32-1/4" 72
BEN-PECB-48-BKCH Black/Charcoal 26-1/4"x48"x32-1/4" 72
BEN-PECB-72-BKBK Black/Black 26-1/4"x72"x32-1/4" 114
BEN-PECB-72-BKBN Black/Brown 26-1/4"x72"x32-1/4" 114
BEN-PECB-72-BKCD Black/Cedar 26-1/4"x72"x32-1/4" 114
BEN-PECB-72-BKCH Black/Charcoal 26-1/4"x72"x32-1/4" 114
BEN-PECB-96-BKBK Black/Black 26-1/4"x96"x32-1/4" 152
BEN-PECB-96-BKBN Black/Brown 26-1/4"x96"x32-1/4" 152
BEN-PECB-96-BKCD Black/Cedar 26-1/4"x96"x32-1/4" 152
BEN-PECB-96-BKCH Black/Charcoal 26-1/4"x96"x32-1/4" 152
Landmark Backed Bench
BEN-PLMB-96-BKBK Black/Black 26-1/4"x96"x33-3/8" 188
BEN-PLMB-96-BKBN Black/Brown 26-1/4"x96"x33-3/8" 188
BEN-PLMB-96-BKCD Black/Cedar 26-1/4"x96"x33-3/8" 188
BEN-PLMB-96-BKCH Black/Charcoal 26-1/4"x96"x33-3/8" 188
Monarch Backed Bench
BEN-PMQB-72-BKBK Black/Black 29"x72"x32-3/8" 129
BEN-PMQB-72-BKBN Black/Brown 29"x72"x32-3/8" 129
BEN-PMQB-72-BKCD Black/Cedar 29"x72"x32-3/8" 129
BEN-PMQB-72-BKCH Black/Charcoal 29"x72"x32-3/8" 129
Traditional Backed Bench
BEN-PTDB-72-BKBK Black/Black 26-1/4"x72"x32-1/2" 145
BEN-PTDB-72-BKBN Black/Brown 26-1/4"x72"x32-1/2" 145
BEN-PTDB-72-BKCD Black/Cedar 26-1/4"x72"x32-1/2" 145
BEN-PTDB-72-BKCH Black/Charcoal 26-1/4"x72"x32-1/2" 145