The PC6004EC Highway Grinder brings proven and patented closed loop control to the field of highway diamond grinding.

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Custom designed and built at our Nampa, Idaho Facility. The revolutionary PC6000 is state-of-the-art in highway grinding efficiency.
A full industrial computer acts as an operator interface for the machine allowing the operator to monitor conditions and adjust set points as needed.

50" Cutting Width

diesel Diesel Powered

Made in the U.S.A.


• Designed for high production grinding/profiling of concrete and asphalt pavements

• Centrally located operator station allows for either left or right-side operation

• Can be operated manually or with computer-controlled cruise control system that automatically adjusts forward speed to cutting conditions

• Equipped with odometer that measures total footage (meters) ground and has a resettable daily production odometer and feet (meters) per minute indicator

• On board slurry vacuum and discharge system

• Depth control wheel assemblies are side to side adjustable for accurate cut matching

• Hydraulically controlled depth control wheels

• Front wheel bogey assembly is adjustable 11ft to 15ft 6in to optimize cutting plane based on job conditions

• Can be transported with standard 3-axle semi tractor.

• On board 2850-gallon (8327 L) stainless steel water tank with hydraulically driven water pump. On board water filtration is provided. Water system plumbing and spray bar are stainless steel to eliminate system rust.


Main Engine: Caterpillar® C18 630HP (469.7Kw) Turbocharged and air to air after-cooled electronically controlled diesel engine. Meets U.S.

EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emmission. Fuel consumption is approximately 30GPH (113 LPH) @ 1900RPM.

Auxiliary Engine: Caterpillar® C4.4 148HP (110.3Kw) Turbocharged and air-to-air after- cooled electronically controlled diesel engine. Meets U.S.

EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emmission. Fuel consumption is approximately 9GPH (34 LPH) @ 2200 RPM.

Dimensions: Length: 49ft (14.9 Meters) Width: 8ft 8in (264.1CM)

Height: 12ft 8in (386.08CM)

Weight: 57,000 lbs. (25,401 Kg) with blade shaft installed and full fuel tank, 80,000 lbs. (34,020 Kg) with full water tank. Note: The PC6004EC is a legal load with water tank empty when attached for transport to a standard 3-axle semi-tractor. ABS brake and light connections are provided.

Blade shaft Drive: Engine power is transmitted to blade shaft through an Electro/Hydraulic fluid clutch, heavy duty coupling, right angle drive and two Poly Chain GT Carbon belts

Cutting Width: 50” (127Cm)

Blade shaft: 8”(20.32Cm) diameter with 2 key ways

Blade shaft Speed: Low 1315 RPM, High 1900 RPM

Blade Capacity: 16”(40.64Cm) or 18”(45.72Cm) diameter blades may be used. Quantity is dependent on blade spacing requirements.

Travel Speed: Maximum travel speed 250 FPM (76.2mpm) forward/Reverse. 

Fuel Capacity: 450 Gallon (1703.25L) Note: Single tank supplies fuel to both engines

Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 100 Gallon (378.5L) Note: Hydraulic tank has in tank mounted return oil filtration. Air over oil coolers are mounted to main engine radiator to provide hydraulic oil, Fuel and right angle drive.

Hydraulic Systems 

Ground drive: Closed loop electronically controlled hydrostatic pump drives two piston motors that are mounted to two Torque hubs on traction frame.

Vacuum System Drive: Open loop electronically controlled with soft start valve..

Auxiliary Drive: Open loop. Auxiliary functions such as cutting head raise/lower, slurry pump on/off.  Some other functions are manually controlled such as landing legs and front bogey slide.

Steering: Power steering is standard.

Machine Controls: Instrumentation and machine controls are located at operator’s station. Instrumentation and controls includes safety shutdowns and alarms on engine, hydraulic system and transmission

Lighting: Full complement of work lights, safety beacons and flashers for night operations.

Engine Instruments: Electronic screen displays engine RPM, oil pressure, coolant temp, engine hours, volt meter. Screen also provides for engine diagnostics and fault codes.