Simex consistently meets users’ demands, delivering  them the best solutions to solve even the most complex application challenges. 

The PL SG planers for working under guard rails and PL RAIL planers for rail tracks are further proof of this commitment.

Skid Steer

PL 40.25 SG

Intended for mounting on front loaders and skid steer loaders. Designed to remove layers of asphalt or cement under the guard rail.  Adjustable milling depth.
Available in version with conveyor belt for removing material from trench. Interchangeable milling drums in different widths available on request.

Standard drum width 350 mm 14 inch
Depth 0-150 mm 0-6 inch
Required oil flow 75-140 l/min 18-38 gpm

PL 40.25 RAIL

Studied for creating one or two small trenches at sides of rail tracks to be filled later with sound-insulating material.
Fitted with two guide wheels positioned at front and rear of milling disks that run on the rail to guarantee maximum precision.
Wheels available in different forms and sections for different rail profiles.

Disk width 30-40-50-60 mm 1,2-1,6-2-2,4 inch
Depth 0-70 mm 0-2,75 inch
Required oil flow  75-115 l/min 20-30 gpm
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These are the standard features, for custom solutions contact us