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Premium Siliconized Caulk Sealant is an acrylic emulsion based product that gives a strong bond between materials and endures extreme conditions. Besides having good adhesion, it is also elastic.

Features & Benefits

  • Can handle the motion up to 15% thanks to its siliconized structure.
  • Contains no toxic material.
  • Water based product.
  • Contains minimal VOC content.
  • Water-proof.
  • Over-paintable.
  • Application process is very easy.
  • Can be used on all porous surfaces.
  • Odorless.

Application Areas

  • Sealing of low movement joints between various construction elements such as wood, concrete, brick.
  • Sealing between elements such as wood, concrete, brick.
  • Can fill all cracks and gaps. 


 Full Cure Time: 24 hours

 Weight: 10.1 FL Oz

 Color: White

 Item Form: Mixture


Ensure good ventilation of the work station. Wear personal protective equipment. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Always wash hands after handling the product. Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep cool. Check MSDS guidelines for disposal and further information concerning safety.

Shelf Life:

The shelf life is 18 months if stored in unopened-original package in a dry place.

Packaging (Weight/Volume):

10,1 oz (White). 12pcs in a box.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Chemical Structure: Acrylic Dispersion Consistency: Smooth paste
pH: 7-9
Density: 1.65
± 0.02 g/ml

Hardness Shore A: 20 ±5 (ISO 868)
Skin Time:
50 ± 20 min. (73°F and 50% R.H) Curing Rate: 0,1 in/day (73°F and 50% R.H) Elongation at Break: 100% (ASTM D412) Service Temperature: -4°F to +176°F Application Temperature: +41°F to +10F