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Protects the surface against grout, construction dirt and mortar stains. Great to use before grouting tile.  Make sure to seal the tile and grout afterwards with MP90 Eco Plus Sealer

  • Makes grout cleanup easy.
  • Forms an invisible, protective barrier resistant to moisture and stains while allowing water vapor to escape.
  • Ideal for absorbent materials: natural and reconstructed stone, quarry tile and terracotta.

                        Features & Specifications

                        • Eco-Friendly: Water-Based.
                        • Does Not Alter The Material’s Natural Color And Finish.
                        • Makes Post-Construction Cleaning Simple, So That The Appropriate Sealer Can Be Easily Applied.
                        • Voc Free: Contributes Towards Leed Credits.
                        • PFOA Free: Non Carcinogenic.

                                                  IDEAL FOR

                                                  All Absorbent Natural Stone, Quarry Tile, Terracotta

                                                  HOW TO USE IT

                                                  Ready to use, no dilution necessary. Make sure the surface to be treated is completely free of dust.

                                                  Apply an even coat of PRW200 using a paintbrush or lambswool applicator pad, avoiding surface pooling.
                                                  Ensure the product also covers the edges of the installed material.The surface may be grouted 4 hours after the application of grout release PRW200.After the grout is cured, clean the surface with an appropriate cleaner for the material.After cleaning, apply a protective sealer.The product is not recommended for ceramic tile, polished porcelain or nonporous materials.

                                                    PLEASE NOTE: Before full application, test the product on a small, inconspicuous area of the surface or loose sample to check for any changes in color. Do not apply the product outdoors if rain is in the forecast.

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