This gives the user the option of using the dolly inside in the low configuration or outside with the wheels mounted to the corners

Locking casters are substituted for the normal casters and a bracket is used to support the fourth hole of the caster with the bottom of the decking.

Raised Safety Dolly Product Specifications

Material Construction - 12 Gauge Steel Unibody
Post Position Locations on Top of Dolly Body (Vertical)- 18

Post Position Locations on Sides of Dolly Body (Horizontal) - 8

Overall Dimensions Without Posts - 30"L x 25"W x 9-5/8"H

Overall Dimensions With Posts Installed - 30"L X 25"W X 61-3/8"H 1000 lbs

Maximum Capacity - 1000 lbs
Deck Height - 9-5/8"
Floor Clearance - 4-7/8"
Casters - Total Number - 4
Caster Size - Wheel Material
Casters - Type - 4" Polyurethane Over Cast Iron Locking

Finish - Color - Powder Coat Yellow

Weight - Without Posts / With (6) 56" Posts - 54 lbs / 94 lbs