Amigo M5 Premium 3hp Variable Speed Stone Router 

Amigo M5 Premium 3hp Variable Speed Stone Router is our most powerful router machine. It takes 1 PHASE 220V power input and produces continuous 3 horsepower 3 PHASE heavy duty output. 3 PHASE, 3 horsepower output produces smooth torque from initial startup to higher revs and lasts longer with extreme abuse than any other 1 PHASE motor in the market.

Amigo M5 is the only router machine on the market to offer 0-9000 true variable rpm's in it's class. This makes it perfect for polishing as well as cutting.Amigo M5's revolutionary HYDROFLOAT base is extremely easy to operate. The machine glides on water with a simple touch without even touching the stone. No need to cover up the stone before use or no replacing rollers!

Amigo M5 has the industry's lightest converter box in it's class, and is top mounted handle makes carrying it very easy from one job to another. Easily screw out knobs at the top gives the user easy access to internals.

Amigo M5's super low price gives it exceptional value for the money. Your investment is well worth it with a fraction of the cost of other router machines in the same class!

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Input Output No Load Rev Speed Max Stone Thickness Diamond Grinding Wheel Weight
220V/1 PHASE 3HP/3 Phase 0-9000rpms with True Variable Speed Control 60mm External Diameter under 100mm 77 lbs