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Replacement Forks and Bars

Original price $383.00 - Original price $511.00
Original price
$383.00 - $511.00
Current price $383.00
Choose a Finished Shaft Size (dia.)
Choose a Carriage Width

Any size or style of fork you need

From shaft mounted pallet forks to ITA forks, we can replace any style of fork. Star Industries forks are forged from one piece of steel, then heat treated for increased strength and resistance to bending.
  • Any fork style, any size.
  • All at low prices
  • Built tough to last the distance
 Use our Star Fork Selector to choose the right replacement fork today. Simply choose your fork type and select your specs from the picklists available.

Replacement Fork Bars

Model Finished Shaft
Size (dia.)
Carriage Width
(out to out)
Shaft Overall Length
(out to out)
FP20048 2.0″ 48″ 51.5″ 48 lbs.
FP20060 2.0″ 60″ 63.5″ 59 lbs.
FP20072 2.0″ 72″ 75.5″ 69 lbs.
FP22548 2.25″ 48″ 51.5″ 60 lbs.
FP22560 2.25″ 60″ 63.5″ 74 lbs.
FP22572 2.25″ 72″ 75.5″ 87 lbs.

*exact measurements needed