Hydra Sponges are the best polyester sponges on the market

They are Hydraphiliated which gives these sponges tremendous water holding capacity, more than any other polyester sponge! These sponges are more durable than any other polyester sponge, and more cost saving than any natural sponge. They wash out clean, dry soft, and are always uniform in size and quality.
Hydra Sponges are made right here in the USA and are the preferred washing sponge by professionals. Ask your local professionals and hear from them yourselves!


RTC Products wants your grout sponge business. Here are three ways we intend to earn it!

1. Low pricing!
2. Grade A full size sponge, high quality, super absorbent, with perfectly uniform rounded edges.
3. Vacuum compressed stackable boxes available in 200 pieces (contains two - 100 piece sealed pouches) or 25 piece contractors pack which allow you to sell to contractors in manageable quantities.
Item # Description Case Qty.
SPXL X-Large Hydro Sponge 75/8” x 51/2” x 2” 200
SPL Large Hydro Sponge 61/4” x 41/2” x 2” 200
SPM Medium Hydro Sponge 6” x 4” x 2” 200
SPL25 Large Hydro Sponge 61/4” x 41/2” x 2” 25
SPM25 Medium Hydro Sponge 6” x 4” x 2” 25