More and transport large format ceramic tiles safely and efficiently!

With the evolution, and increasing presence of large-format ceramic tiles, the use of suction cups is increasingly necessary.

The formats of ceramic tiles are increasing, so the use of suction cups as an auxiliary tool is gaining more and more importance. The greater presence, in the market, of rough finish and, above all, the structured or textured ones, forces the professional to use more specific tools and tools.

Thanks to the design of the concentric lip, incorporated in the rubber base, RUBI's rough surface (RM) suction cups are perfect for handling ceramic tiles with rough or slightly structured surfaces (low relief).

The simple suction cup for rough surfaces RM is specially designed for the handling and loading of materials with rough and / or slightly structured (low relief) finishes.

RUBI's simple suction cup for rough surfaces RM, has a high strength chassis, made of a technical polymer, and an ergonomic handle, specially designed to increase comfort and safety during the handling of large ceramic tiles. Format.

The design of the handle reduces the risk of unintentionally deactivating the suction of the suction cup.

The double suction cup for rough surfaces (RM), from RUBI, has a chassis, high strength, made of aluminum and an ergonomic handle to increase comfort during the handling of heavy parts.

The studied ergonomic design of the handles of the ceramic tile double suction cup of RUBI allows, the construction professional, enjoy the best position during the use of it, thus reducing the effort and fatigue.

The suction cup with vacuum pump is ideal for loading and handling heavy materials regardless of the type of surface finish.

The suction cup with vacuum pump adapts to both smooth and rough surfaces, as well as those with varied (structured) textures. The diameter of 20 cm of the suction cup with vacuum pump, is perfect for the manipulation of large format tiles or ceramic sheet.

The manual vacuum pump is easily activated with a single finger and is equipped with a safety mark that indicates the loss of suction and reminds us of the need to pump again to retain the vacuum load in the suction cup.

In addition, the vacuum suction cup has a manual pressure release valve to easily remove the suction cup from the manipulated material.

The vacuum pump Ø20 cm is served in a practical case-suitcase, to protect and transport it with maximum safety. A suction cup in poor condition is not safe or reliable.

All RUBI suction cups have been subjected to constant quality tests to ensure and guarantee their correct resistance during use. At RUBI we have always been concerned about the health of the professional.

Within the design of our tools is always very present the concept of ergonomics, since we believe that safety and the fact of minimizing the risks of injury at work are fundamental for health and for proper execution.

At RUBI we have always had a very close relationship with ceramic tile setters and it is vital for us to have a fluid and constant communication path with them. That is why we have all the necessary tools to be able to offer the professional of the sector an innovative product capable of providing solutions to their daily needs during work.

Main Features

  • Injected aluminum body. Greater ROBUSTNESS
  • Ergonomic Polypropylene handle, for a FASTER and SAFER handling.
  • Metal reinforcement in lever base for greater resistance to traction.
  • ERGONOMIC Polypropylene handle, for a FASTER and EASIER handling.


  • It adapts to any surface finish.


  • Suction cup for the manipulation of ceramic tiles with rough and / or slightly structured surfaces.
  • Suction cup for the manipulation of large format and weight ceramic tiles.

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