Dust Free, Depth Controlled Grout Scraper!

Completing the wide range of scrapers, RUBI offers professionals several options of scrapers.

The first is the RUBISCRAPER-250 electric scraper and its innovative blade (patented model).

Among the key features of the RUBISCRAPER-250 are: depth control, toughness, and the fact the it does not generate dust, is self-guided and does not break tiles *.

The RUBISCRAPER-250 is the safest option to remove grout with a cement base, because unlike others, its tungsten carbide blades do not work through friction, but rather literally dig and tear the grout material.

With an ergonomic design and its three working speeds, the RUBISCRAPER-250 allows for small repairs and replacement of pieces, until the complete renewal of the grout on a tiled surface.

The interchangeable blades of the RUBISCRAPER-250 are resharpenable and available in various sizes to suit the different existing grout widths.

The second option is the traditional RUBI grout scraper, with an ergonomic handle and two platelets of electro-deposited tungsten carbide of high abrasion resistance.

These plates are combinable with 1, 2 or 3 plates depending on the width of the grout joint to be emptied.

Each electroplated tungsten carbide plate is 3/32 in. thick. So the minimum joint to work with this scraper is 3/32 in., and up to 1/4 in. wide for grout joints.

The RUBI joint scraper is handy for repair work where we have to replace just a few ceramic tiles. Emptying the grout before replacing broken ceramic tiles reduces the risk of damaging the perimeter tiles which are in good condition. And in the same way, we can gain space for new pieces, which may have small dimensional differences, if they are from different production batches or different manufacturers.

At RUBI we have always been concerned about the health of professionals. The concept of ergonomics is always present within the design of our tools, as we believe that safety and minimizing the risk of injury at work are essential for health and proper performance.

The RUBI training approach with professionals is very plain, a clear example of this being that since the inception of the company participation at international fairs has been vital to its development. At RUBI a great deal is invested in participation at international fairs and exhibitions, which means that our global recognition continues to grow and we can continue to develop solutions to facilitate the work of industry professionals worldwide.

*When using the tool according to the instruction manual.

NOTE: The 1/16" blade (ref. 66810) must always be used at speed 1 of the RUBISCRAPER-250.


  • Equipped with scraper of double diameter 9/32" ( 7mm ) and 13/32" ( 10mm ) for different thicknesses of grout with a system of height adjustable pivots.
  • With pivot system adjustable in height, for recess or surface finish.
  • Includes wheels to facilitate the movement on the brick wall.
  • Lighter assembly, made of aluminum