Grind and polish edges, surfaces of natural stone and ceramic tile

The ranges of RUBI diamond rubber studs are ideal for roughing and polishing edges, both cuts and surfaces of natural stone and ceramic tile.

The RUBI diamond rubber studs are semi-flexible and their EVA rubber body allows an excellent adaptation to the user's hand. The grip area has a lateral groove that increases the ergonomics of the block and reduces fatigue of the hand during use.

The diamond rubber studs are designed to work manually on areas where access with power tools is very complicated, such as interior angles, hollow areas or corners and for roughing and smoothing chipped or sharp edges.

In order to achieve a good result, both the type of material and the state in which it is found must be taken into account.

RUBI diamond rubber studs can be used dry but wet use is recommended, either by moistening the plug or providing a source of continuous cooling.

The range of RUBI diamond rubber blocks comes in different granulometries to perform different polishing and finishing tasks. It is very important that in the polishing work a stepwise degradation is carried out using the different grains successively, starting with the largest grain to the smallest.

In the works of roughing and / or smoothing of edges, the movement of the block must go, always, from the top (most visible) to the bottom. This reduces the risk of chipping or material damage.

The functions of the different granulometries are:

#60, #120 and #200 for roughing.

#400 for polishing.

For a better finish, it is necessary to be more insistent with the larger grains.

The dimensions of the diamond plate of the rubber polishing pads are 55x90 mm.

The dimensions of the rubber block are 58x94x30 mm.


  • # 60, # 120 and # 200 for polishing.
  • Wet use is recommended.
  • Different grit sizes:
  • Semi-flexible. Good adaptation to the user's hand.
  • #400 for polishing.
  • Diamond plate dimensions: 55x90 mm.
  • Dimensions of the rubber pad: 58x94x30 mm.
  • Range of diamond rubber pads for roughing and edge polishing, cutting and surfaces of natural stone and ceramic tile.